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Since 2010, we have been mobilizing local communities in the Kumi District of Eastern Uganda to use resources they already have and monetize them by creating small businesses.


We are an educational organization

We focus on organizing business classes to help local businesses increase revenue; we also focus on health classes to educate Ugandans on how to prevent sickness and disease.

The curriculum is based on the principle that all humans can get out of poverty. We teach community members that they can do it.

Because we are a volunteer staffed organization that works part time, we often do not have the sufficient funds or expert partnerships to effectively teach empowerment classes.

Funds would be used in a variety of projects

  •  Wood and tools for bee-keeping apiaries, hoods, and suits• Trees for environmental lessons and planting events
  • Business conferences for local experts to train businesses
  • Bricks to build stoves that replace eye- and lung-damaging hut fires
  • Pre-vetted  and qualified children to attend university
  • organizing eye or cancer screening events

We are continually seeking partnerships  

It can be with other NGOs or professionals from the private sector. We seek any who have the knowledge and the talents to help develop Eastern Uganda.

Charles and his team are honest people who genuinely want to see a change in their communities. When life starts without education, people do not gain the skills to seek employment and start businesses. Innocent people who just want to survive suffer from disease and unemployment. KAMM is addressing all of these issues and working on sustainable ways to turn around their communities to become empowered healthy individuals. However, I have observed that KAMM faces their own challenges. They need to partner with other organizations to gain knowledge and tools to continue their life-changing work. They are making positive change and can only do more with a bigger and better team. I highly recommend working with them. 

Jessica Morgan

Click this my name to email me. I will be happy discuss the work Charles does and recommend him further.

Previous effective partnerships include:

  • Interns who teach classes related to their field of study
  • Business people who can donate consulting time for local businesses
  • Health professionals who teach classes related to their field of study and give medical care
  • Martial artists who share self-defense knowledge
  • NGOs who provide volunteers
  • Digital Media professionals who share their skills

Here are a few of our accomplishments with a current NGO partner HELP International:

  • Helped establish beehives and taught safety training classes for a local village’s beekeeping business.
  • Taught self-defense classes to men and women — with attendance exceeding 20 people per week — and provided videos filmed in Ateso, our local language, for villagers to review.
  • Organized several events including a business conference, eye and general health seminar, empowerment assemblies at local schools and environmental projects. Attendance exceeds more than 75 people per event, and the business and environmental events exceeded 100 active volunteers.
  • Wrote business lessons and translated them to Ateso for increased readership
  • Educated farmers on forming cooperatives to better control crop prices

If you want to help, here are a couple options:

Help International has an amazing program in Uganda if you want a structured, safe, and relaible way to spend a summer working with us.

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