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Since 2010, we have been mobilizing local communities in the Kumi District of Eastern Uganda to use resources they already have and monetize them by creating small businesses.


We are an educational organization

We focus on organizing business classes to help local businesses increase revenue; we also focus on health classes to educate Ugandans on how to prevent sickness and disease.

The curriculum is based on the principle that all humans can get out of poverty. We teach community members that they can do it.

Because we are a volunteer staffed organization that works part time, we often do not have the sufficient funds or expert partnerships to effectively teach empowerment classes.

Funds would be used in a variety of projects as directed by the donor:

  • Sponsorship of pre-identified/ selected needy children for support in Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education.
  • Medical supplies and equipment for health / Medical camps clinics to support needy access medication.
  • Support needy Children, girls, boys, and women access vocational skills training and supplies for the same such as Tailoring machines, carpentry & hairdressing tools, bakery and bee equipment, among others.
  • Support and Facilitate empowerment classes on health, business, environment conservation, Basic Self defense, games, and sports, etc and supplies for the same
  • Support highly vulnerable children and their caregivers access to care and support services such as food, clothes, accommodation, counseling service and legal services where rights are abused
  • Support the development initiatives of the needy individuals, families, groups, and communities such as Savings & Credit schemes of women, Agriculture based activities of the groups and innovations of needy girls and boys.
  • Support for needy children and families living with HIV/Aids/ TB, HB, and other dangerous chronic sicknesses.
  • Facilitate community awareness training, meetings, and conferences on children’s, girls and women rights, transparency and accountability training and meetings on institutions directly, indirectly affect or that supply resources for supporting needy children, girls, and Women in their respective areas of work so as to ensure rights of the above are not abused.
  • Support for the conservation of natural resources and activities that promote safe energy consumption eg. Modern  Stoves that consume less fuel and planting trees.
  • Support KAMM office with moveable or immoveable Machinery, tools, resources and other supplies that directly affect the delivery of support services to the needy.
  • Any other legitimate matter or project of interest the donor is interested in.

We are continually seeking partnerships  

It can be with other NGOs or professionals from the private sector. We seek any who have the knowledge and the talents to help develop Eastern Uganda.

Charles and his team are honest people who genuinely want to see a change in their communities. When life starts without education, people do not gain the skills to seek employment and start businesses. Innocent people who just want to survive suffer from disease and unemployment. KAMM is addressing all of these issues and working on sustainable ways to turn around their communities to become empowered healthy individuals. However, I have observed that KAMM faces their own challenges. They need to partner with other organizations to gain knowledge and tools to continue their life-changing work. They are making positive change and can only do more with a bigger and better team. I highly recommend working with them. 

Jessica Morgan

Click my name to email me. I will be happy discuss the work Charles does and recommend him further.

The staff and members of the KAMM Community are kind and passionate about creating positive
change. Our organization has learned a lot from our partnership with KAMM and hopes to maintain this

HELP International enthusiastically recommends KAMM Uganda for any donations and partnerships
that will help further their mission in their community.

Alexandra Deovlet

Help International

We need to partner with both local and overseas donor Organizations, or groups, NGOs, individual or group volunteers in implementing the following:

  • Support and help in conducting medical camp clinics, despising drugs, treatment and also run our KAMM clinic and provision of materials/ Supplies for the same.
  • Teach Hygiene, Sanitation issues and maintenance of clean water sources in our support community.
  • Supporting and Teaching classes & Training groups and support communities on health, business, Agriculture ( animal & crop husbandry) and environmental conservation.
  • Supporting and  teaching children, girls, boys and women in our Vocational School empowerment skills in Tailoring, computer, bee keeping, hair dressing, building and construction, communication, business, carpentry, motor repair, phone repair, soap making, bakery , shoe making skills and support with materials and supplies for the same.
  • Supporting and Teaching in our Vocational school English, Accounts and mathematics, provision of materials/supplies for the same.
  • Teach and train our communities on children, girl and women rights. And also offer guidance and counseling to children, girls, and women on sexual, marital, work issues including domestic violence.
  • Conduct community general clinic activities and plating of trees
  • Teach and train the supported children, youths and women on games and sports
  • Train KAMM Uganda staff on project planning, proposal writing and development, networking and Donor sourcing skills
  • Work as online or on sight Volunteer to help in conducting Fundraiser activities aimed at support KAMM-UGANDA projects and also support in writing proposals to and lobbying potential donors & Volunteers to support or work with KAMM Uganda.
  • Support the establishment of KAMM Uganda resource Library, library books, and Resource Center.

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