Pressing On For The Right Course

We will keep on! we vow to press on with the burden, the vision and revelation God has given unto our hearts. We will devote our lives, and pay every price that comes on our way to teach our communities in Uganda the core truth about development. We will not rest...

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We Empower The Needy!

Our Ministry, Keep Alive Missionary Ministries( KAMM) Uganda is local Christian NGO operating in Uganda, Kumi district and supporting needy communities overcome all forms of poverty through empowerment and training. We target children , youth, and women. In the past 4...

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Our Teaching Resources

“Money gets finished but knowledge is the greatest resource and lasts forever” We are an educational development NGO, We thank God because every day that comes by we are enriched with powerful resources to help teach, educate and build up our people to fight and...

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I have heart, so is my team of volunteers in KAMM. That no matter of the number and size of people in the group, and no matter of their age, social or educational level, as long as they are willing to listen from us. we will take effort to explain to them every dot...

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Our History

Born in 1982 to Oluka Emmanuel and Imalingat Marguret, Oluka Charles is the eldest of six children. He was born and raised in the Kumi District of Uganda in the village of Apuda. Living in a worn-down grass house and wearing nothing but old, ragged clothes, Charles...

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