Bee keeping project is one the key income generating activity our Organization is doing in making funds to help meet office needs and also meet Nutritious

aspect found in the honey, medicinal value among others for our needy communities.

currently we have 41 bee hives on site, being colonized ….. This we got under the support of our Partners Help International USA.

We call for support of any kind to help us raise funds to expand this project to 1000 bee hives in the next five years.  we also call for donations to help cover rent bills , administrative needs, support to staff and volunteers and  more to help in empowering needy women, youth and children excess educations, shelter, food and medical care, and sustainable skills.

you can as well come and volunteer with us in person , use your skills and resources to empower Ugandans….

the above persons in picture are our staff working  with Help International team of volunteers in making bee hives for our Organization in the summer of 2018.