KAMM Uganda with support from our beloved Partner Help International USA carried Eye camp Clinic in Kanyumu sub county in Kumi district. This exercise was done on Wednesday -Thursday 4-5/7/2018.

Over 250 children, women , youths, and elderly benefited from this support as they received free treatment and Eye glasses.

We also gave some teaching to the community on Eye problems, sickness and prevention as awareness campaign.

Thousands of people in Eastern Uganda have eye related complications and accessing medical care is almost impossible due to lack of eye specialists and drugs in Government hospitals.

While they may be such services in prevent health centers the cost of treatment is too high for the majority of Ugandans. This has made many to go blind, increase of spread of eye sicknesses and even caused death.

I want to thank the American people for their support to the needy and specifically thank Help International for their supportive partnership with KAMM Uganda.

The current HELP Volunteers in Uganda worked tirelessly with KAMM staff and other community leaders in ensuring Eye support program reach the needy.

Thank you Becca Huppi and David Contreras for your excellent team leadership and for guiding KAMM organization implement the exercise successfully.

KAMM is currently mobilizing resources to help establish Medical clinic within the shortest period possible.

Already we have some medical supplies and resources contributed by KAMM friends, supporters and the community.

The HELP team as well provided us with both the technical advice on the same and resources for First Aid. Working hand in hand with consultative approach will help KAMM set up this Clinic soon.

With this Clinic KAMM will have effective and efficient programs that will help support the communities live happier, healthier and wealthier lives.

We promote health programs because it is one of the ways KAMM empowers the communities in Uganda over come poverty.

Our main goal is to have fully operational hospital in the next 5-7 years so as to sustainably meet the health needs of the Ugandan communities

“Healthy life is wealthy life”

Please support out dream by contributing your resources, support KAMM Uganda to Empower Ugandans……

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