African children and in particular those in Uganda have got very critical areas of life that need urgent support.

it is unfortunate many NGOs and Charity Organizations do not dig deeper to find out the key priority needs that should be addressed in supporting African needy children.

Africa is mostly likely to remain forever poor if serious action is not taken in empowering the young generation in the area of Education and skills.

poor families are not able to raise school fees for their children even at the lowest level say Nursery School level. this has made many children and youths to remain loitering in towns and villages with no jobs or skill for income generation.

The same applies to meeting the medical bills of these children. Medication in Africa is very expensive to the poor. This has caused lot of deaths and stunt in many children.

I have observed this in Uganda and I call upon the respective Partners, donors, NGOs and other Organizations working in Africa to look into this and they focus much in building the capacity of the African children to overcome poverty through provision of Education,  life skills and support in  Health related programs.

The above are some of the  Ugandan Children Our Organization is supporting to attain good education and Health to so as to overcome poverty.

We have over 700  identified and needy children.

Please give any kind of support that will see children in Uganda go to school and live healthy prosperous life!