Wilbert Ekoot is man whose heart is after development.

He minds lot of helping the needy communities overcome poverty beyond what one would imagine. He devotes his time with help of his kids, wife and his own dad to collect local materials from the forests to make beehives for money. He sells some beehives to locals, some he uses in his small farm to trap bees for honey.

Much of the little money he gets in this kind of work he spends to support KAMM activities.

Wilbert is our own staff whom we are to pay salary for the service he offers to the Organization but our office financially cannot meet that obligation.

It’s amazing Wilbert does the opposite, he gives service and his own merger resources, he divides them to support KAMM since 2013 when he joined Our Director Charles Oluka in building and promoting the vision of KAMM.

Please pray for Wilbert and His family. They too are poor but he shares with the poor his pocket.

Here in picture is Wilbert and His Children making more beehives for money to support KAMM and his family!