Knowledge empowerment is among the powerful tools African leaders and families can embrace to bring about sustainable development into their situation.

Many times people in Africa are tempted to believe free handouts are way of getting out of poverty. This has oppositely caused more harm to people rather to help them.

We in KAMM believe yes, it is good to help people mostly the needy with material support, however this should be done with a lot care and reason, without the aspect of sustainability it is easy for person to drift to more poorer situation than before.

KAMM embarks on empowering local communities and leaders in Uganda with knowledge and skills which they will in turn use to get out of poverty.

The picture above is local community members in Kumi district shortly after training on development issues last month.

Keep praying that God widens support for KAMM to reach more communities in Uganda.

Charles,  Gen. Director -KAMM