We will keep on! we vow to press on with the burden, the vision and revelation God has given unto our hearts.
We will devote our lives, and pay every price that comes on our way to teach our communities in Uganda the core truth about development. We will not rest until we see changed mindsets in Uganda, We shall keep watch of our people and guide them accordingly.
Yes, we are aware of the challenges, we may not have funds needed to fuel up our activities, well, but we have the brain, we have the time and we have the available local resources to begin with.
The walk as to begin, the Change must come, and we are the ones to cause the change, No body else- We must work with our communities to see them out of poverty.
We vow to make the walk, we vow to create Change and never shall we rest until we see the glory of God in the lives of our people.
Poverty has got no place in the lives of our people. we will teach them to see the meaning of life in the light of God’s will for every human being!

The above picture is Aupa Akwap Orphans and vulnerable Children group! The group started in 2014 with nothing in their hands. we helped empower the group majorly through training to change their mindset that regardless of extreme poverty in their families they can still do some thing as a team.

we gave them knowledge and with that knowledge they were able collect some money within themselves and bought 7 chicken as a project to start with.

The chicken project multiplied to pigs, and to sheep. in not more then 3 years the group of 27 members has more 35 sheep, 10 pigs, 20 chicken. We believe knowledge is power. many poor Ugandans do not believe in themselves that they can still rise up from poverty. but we have learnt is that through empowerment training and counsel , the poor can still shine with hope.

Akalabai group has dream of opening up a company for seat/tent hiring services. this kind of business they plan is lucrative in Uganda. it will cost them millions of money to realize it. they pray for other Organisations to support them achieve the dream.

We call people every where to support The activities of Keep Alive Missionary Ministries(KAMM). Your support will help change the lives of the needy communities in Uganda.

Thank you.

Rev. Oluka Charles

Gen. Director