“Money gets finished but knowledge is the greatest resource and lasts forever”

We are an educational development NGO, We thank God because every day that comes by we are enriched with powerful resources to help teach, educate and build up our people to fight and overcome poverty.

One of the blessed resource Help international team of volunteers left with us is basic curriculum to continue teaching KAMM Uganda supported communities, the groups and staff on issues that affect their daily life.

In the curriculum are lessons/topics such as;

  1. Business management
  2. Health/sanitation issues
  3. Good environment Management & Tree planting
  4. Basic self defense & Stress management,
  5. Skills/ Empowerment etc.

All these lessons are intended to help change the mindsets of our supported communities to be properly armed with all the knowledge and skills to not only to fight but also crush poverty with all its effects in human life.

We will now add this to other lessons which we are building to help empower our people. The lessons we are have been building teaching the communities include;

  1. Income Generation Activities creation & management,
  2. Group dynamics & Team work,
  3. The need to fight poverty,
  4. Good governance & accountability,
  5. Human rights class,
  6. Child Protection,
  7. Morals & Humanity,
  8. Relationship building,
  9. Resource mobilization.
  10. Good parenting & family counseling

We will remember Help International and this team of volunteers for such wonderful support all the days of our lives.

“The person who empowers you loves you the best………”  (Rev. Charles Oluka)