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We seek to create sustainable development projects that will empower Ugandans out of poverty.

Our mission is to solve one problem...

Our mission is to solve one problem...

In Jan. 25, 1971, Idi Amin overthrew president Milton Obote to start a reign of terror that would last for 9 years.

By the time he was exiled in 1979, an estimated 300,000 people had died. The economy was severely damaged, with wages dropping 90 percent in under a decade.

After Amin left, cattle rustlers called the Karamojong, filled the power vacuum and stole over nearly all the cattle from eastern Ugandan ranches, further hurting an already fragile economy.

From 1987 to 2008, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)— led by Joseph Kony, was in control. The Lord’s Resistance Army killed, raped, displaced, abducted and mutilated thousands of people; this halted the development of the recovering nation.

For these reasons, Ugandans have only had

consistent peace for nine years.

First-world countries gave aid to the people of Uganda.

Uganda received free food, supplies, and volunteers.

Despite good intentions, the foreign aid did more harm than good.

Many Ugandans developed dependency from a lifetime of receiving handouts.

Many Ugandans now don’t think they can escape poverty unless they are saved by a first-world country. This mindset keeps them in poverty.

We are a Ugandan organization. We know these problems firsthand, and we believe in order to get out of poverty,

We must first change our mindset

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