How you can use gas money to support those in need 

Help Eastern Ugandans During the Covid-19 Lockdown

If you are lucky enough to still have a job and be working from home, consider donating some of the gas money you would have used to commute to the office to help Ugandans overcome the effects of the virus.

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Meet my friend Charles,

When I went to Uganda with my wife, I met Charles Oluka,  founder and Director of Keep Alive Missionary Ministries. KAMM is a non-government organization that focuses on education initiatives to help Ugandans learn how to monetize their skillsets to feed their families.

They teach people how to start a business, how to great sustainable agricultural ventures, and support Ugandan youth by sponsoring students to go to University.

I designed and developed this website for him to help get exposure and share his story around the world. 

What is happening in Uganda during Covid-19?

A couple of days ago on April 4th, 2020 Charles sent me this message:

Hi,  friends! 

As you are aware the coronavirus is affecting the entire world negatively. Over million are sick and thousands are dying due to it. 
Uganda mostly in the Eastern region where our Nonprofit organization KAMM Uganda is operating in is affected too. 
The government has put total lockdown of the country and thousands have no access to food,  medicine, and other important facilities. 
Many have lost jobs and are in a state of helplessness. 
We are therefore calling for your donations In terms of cash, food and medical supplies to support highly vulnerable children, women and those living with AIDS/ HIV who are highly affected due to coronavirus. 
The funds will be used for buying food,  medicine, and sanitary materials to the identified affected groups. 
We have a total of 5000 people who need agent support in this area. 
Please follow our  website link below  and donate your support” -Charles

I don’t have a lot to give, but I still have a job, and I’m saving gas money for not commuting to the physical office.  

So I plan on putting some of my gas money to help my friend’s organization. 

If you are lucky enough to still be working from home and making an income, you are saving gas money as well.

Uganda isn’t being bailed out like the United States. I ask you to consider helping some people in need to weather the storm over the next couple of months.  

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Read about what Charles has done

Bee Hive making & Bee keeping in KAMM-Uganda

Bee keeping project is one the key income generating activity our Organization is doing in making funds to help meet office needs and also meet Nutritious aspect found in the honey, medicinal value among others for our needy communities. currently we have 41 bee hives...

Eye Camp Clinic And Giving of Free Eye Glasses

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Thanks be to God

We thank God for our contunued Partnership with Help International USA. This year 2018 again we have team from Help International working with us. we are very excited for this opportunity of Working together to empower Ugandans overcome poverty

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